Structure and Constitution

WPEDO has been honored with the title of ‘Special Consultative Status’ with the Economic and Social council of the United Nations, and for being registered with the social Service and NGO bureau of Bangladesh. Since 1984, WPEDO has been working tirelessly to achieve its goals and promoting pacifism in the conflict prone areas.

The WPEDO member panel is graced by globally renowned individuals as well as the heads of state of many countries. As per the constitution of the organization, the President shall remain the head of the organization for life and shall hold the supreme power to alter the constitution and review the affairs of the Organization. In the absence of the President, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or two Directors nominated by the President will be in charge of all decision making processes of the organization. The organogram below shows the structure and hierarchy of the organization and is subject to change as and when required by the President and Executive Committee board of the organization.

The President, Secretary General and the CEO have the individual authority to arrange international seminars and symposium anywhere. The selected members of different countries shall work as President/ Representative of their own country, after having registered WPEDO in their respective countries, via prior written approval from the President or the CEO and the decision of the Executive committee from the head office located in Bangladesh. The President or the CEO can act as the sole decision maker in absence of the executive committee. The executive committee will hold power to make elective decision for the betterment of the organization and projects