Healthcare Programs

The organization has been carrying out the services for medical assistance since 1981. In this program a group of highly qualified, renowned national and international physicians and professors from different countries are working voluntarily with WPEDO. Under this program, free medical services have been provided through medical checkup, consultation, and distribution of free medicine, clinical services, treatment and rehabilitation of disabled mother and children. WPEDO has also undertaken health awareness programs in various region of Bangladesh.

WPEDO has donated 8.5 decimals of land with a six-storied building having 36 rooms at Dhanmondi R/A, in the capital city for health services and medicine store from its rental earnings. The organization has responded with emergency relief material such as cooked and dry food, medicine, drinking water, and clothing during flood, cyclone and natural disasters during the years 1984, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1998 & 2007.